Our full-scale service allows you to choose how much involvement and support you need from us.


Product Development

Our Product Development and Innovation team can develop new formulas and products, or review your existing product concepts and provide advice about uses of particular ingredients in Complementary Medicines in Australia or your target market.

​We can evaluate your product health indications and claims according to regulatory requirements.

​Alternatively, we can take care of the entire process and formulate according to your product brief.

Technical Services

Our team can assist with the entire concept to market and dossier preparation by guiding you through:

  • R&D Trials
  • Specification Preparation
  • Label Writing
  • Allergen Statements
  • International Excipients
  • Country of Origin Statements
  • Stability Programs.

Evidence Packs

The TGA has complex requirements for evidence used to support therapeutic and structure functions claims on product labels.

Our team can conduct the necessary literature searches to compile comprehensive evidence packs to substantiate evidence in accordance with the TGA guidelines to support every indication on your products.

Post Market Reviews

The TGA often conducts random reviews on Listed Products once they have gone to market, which then requires relevant information to be submitted when requested.

​Our team can compile the required information on your behalf and submit it to the TGA. The information can then act as an agent to address any potential matters raised during the review process.

Marketing Material Review

All Marketing Material generated for use in Australia needs to be compliant with the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code (TGAC). This includes label, packaging, brochures, posters, point of sale displays, web content, radio advertising, television advertising, print advertising and social media content.

NutriSmart can check your Marketing Material prior to submission and printing to ensure that it does not breach the TGAC and advertising compliance.

Clinical Trial Management

We can organise batches of active and placebo samples of your desired product to assist with clinical trials.

Many reputable clinical trial programs have used our products to conduct their trials.

Personal Care Products

Our team can provide advice on ingredients used in personal care products to ensure you have the correct formulation, stability and packaging requirements.

Personal care products can include sunscreens, creams, lotions, facial serums and other topical products.

We can also:

  • review your formula and proposed ingredients
  • conduct R&D Trials
  • accelerate Stability Programs for Australia and Asia
  • conduct Preservative Efficacy Testing
  • ensure NICNAS compliance
  • review compliance of promotional material, labelling and product according to FSANZ and health claims.


Our comprehensive OEM Private Label range includes ready to launch products under your brand. We’ve taken the hard work out of developing a nutrition range and can help you launch your brand to market faster with our ready-made vitamin, mineral and herbal products. Our team of experts formulate our range using our quality raw materials.


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